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Because I work ahead of each season to serve my customer’s needs and stay current with the holiday trends, I always have multiple trays of all kinds to decorate and in varying stages of completion. Even though I enjoy decorating each of them, I do find myself a tad anxious each time, however, when pulling together a theme.

I have these wonderful mini wooden Easter signs in my inventory and decided I would love to purchase one from my shop to use for our home’s Easter tiered tray. So, this sign will be my starting point or the focal piece for my tray’s theme. Any time you are building your tray, use one piece as your focal point or build your tray around the one piece that sparks creative inspiration and brings you joy. This is my place to start.

Looking at my cute little sign, it brings to mind images of an old-fashioned Easter celebration. So, I have decided that my Easter tiered tray will have a vintage feel. Doilies, Jell-O salads, wicker Easter baskets, and Grandma’s country ham studded with cloves all come to mind when I look at this sign. I want my tiered tray to have the same feel.

Now that I know what I want, I am going to look for some items that highlight elements from my anchor, the sign. I have some birds’ nest florals and some bright blue Robin’s eggs I want to incorporate into my tiered tray. The season and colors match my focal point. I also have a wide selection of florals to choose from out of my wreath kit and wreath making inventory. I am essentially using my little sign as the center of my decorating web. When decorating your tray, keep this web visual below in mind. My sign, my inspiration piece, my anchor, is the centerpiece of my design. I incorporated the other elements based on that starting point and built outward. I built open colors, themes, and seasonal similarities to add the rest of my pieces.

Another note is that because I am planning a tray for Easter, I decorate a smaller tray. This allows me to have a focused area for my holiday décor specifically but also removes the urge to overspend acquiring pieces of décor that I will only be able to enjoy for a few weeks out of the year. (Smaller space à smaller area to fill à less need/desire/urge to spend $$$). You can find some great budget friendly smaller trays in your local Target’s Dollar Spot. I have a few and each one costed $5 - $10.

I incorporated a few other pieces symbolic of the images that came to mind when I was brainstorming my tray (a teeny tiny wicker basket I decorated, some of my faux deviled eggs as deviled eggs are a must for our family’s Easter dinner since I was knee high to a grasshopper, and a ceramic bunny my daddy gave me for my desk for my first day of work at the hospital I currently work at (yes, I also have a 40 hour a week full-time job).

This tray came together quite well and was lots of fun making, but yes, I do say that about everything. I enjoyed reminiscing about Easter’s past and have a cute piece for the holiday that did not cost me an arm and a leg to put together. I hope you can use these tips to design not only your Easter tray but trays for many seasons ahead.

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